Hello, mysterious internet community! I come in peace!

Whenever I find an interesting new blog I always begin by clicking myself back to the very inception to read the first post made on it. Most texts are some awkward greeting followed by a vague description about what the blog is supposed to be. Others begin by introducing themselves to give the reader some idea of who the author is and why he or she has decided to waste precious weekends and afternoons talking to imaginary friends on the internet. Given this honorable tradition put in stone by my glorious predecessors, I thought to myself, why not?

My name is Emil Forslund and I am an ordinary code monkey working at a software development company in Silicon Valley. On this blog I will try to scoop out some of the overflowing ideas in my head whenever I find the time. It will mostly be about java, I think. Or other crazy IT-stuff.

Okey, I think I have embarrassed myself enough. Back to coding!